Luka Bloom - on radio
Guest Presenter on RTÉ's Mystery Train
An eclectic mix of music, jazz, soul, blues, rock, rhythm and blues, world funk,
lounge, dance, rap, trad and folk. - Presented by Luka Bloom.
Luka Bloom Monday, 12 August 2002
Tuesday, 13 August 2002
Wednesday, 14 August 2002
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Friday, 16 August 2002

RTÉ Radio, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Mystery Train - Producer/Presenter: John Kelly
Monday-Thursday: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Producer: Aidan Buttler
Assistant: Jackie Parks
» Monday 12 August 2002
1) Monica Salmaso - Dançapé
Album: Voadeira
2) Manau - Tout Le Monde
Album: Fest Noz De Paname
3) Gillian Welch - Dear Someone
Album: Time (The Revelator)
4) Béla Fleck - Valley Of The Rogue
Album: The Bluegrass Sessions: Tales from The Acoustic Planet, Volume 2
5) Karen Casey - Shamrock Shore
Album: Thousands Are Sailing, Irish Songs of Immigration
6) Manu Chao - Bongo Bong
Album: Clandestino
7) Ry Cooder - Dark End Of The Street (intrumental version)
Album: Boomer's Story
Well known for his work with the Buena Vista Social Club
8) Christy Moore - First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Album: Live at Vicar Street
Dedicated to Val...
9) Van Morrison - Caravan
Album: V/A: The Last Waltz [4 CD BOX SET]
10) The Ceili Bandits - Sam's Reels
Album: Hangin' At The Crossroads
For Deidre and Niall down in the Doolin Cafe, the most exotic place in the world
Luka Bloom: "Put on the kettle, Deidre... the monkfish in the pan... I'm on my way."
11) Cesaria Evora - Flor Di Nha Esperanca (Dream / Flower of my Hope)
Album: Cafe Atlantico
» Tuesday 13 August 2002
1) Omara Portuondo - La Sitiera
Album: Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo
2) Geoffrey Oryema - Ye Ye Ye
Album: Exile
"Music accompanies everything in my culture. There is music for digging in your garden. To accompany the dead to their final resting place. If there is a visit by a head of state it will be sung about. The music is not dead. It will never die. It is constantly changing; renewing itself. I hear music even when I'm fixing a bug in a computer." - Geoffrey Oryema
3) Balla Tounkara - Le Monde Est Fou
Album: Congo To Cuba
4) Mairtin O'Connor - Sunshine And Showers
Album: The Road West
5) Mic Christopher - Heyday
Album: Heyday
6) The Pentangle - Here My Call
Album: The Pentangle
7) John Martyn - Don't Want To Know
Album: Solid Air
8) John Lennon - Imagine
Album: Imagine
Happy Birthday Terry!
9) Alyanya - Here I Am
Album: - (Live recorded)
10) The Chieftains & Joni Mitchell - The Magdalene Laundries
Album: The Wide World Over - A 40 Year Celebration

Engineered by Brian Masterson.
11) Stochelo Rosenberg & Romane - Opus de Clignancourt
Album: Élégance

Luka Bloom: "Whatever they're on, I want some!"
12) Les Negresses Vertes - C'est Pas La Mer à Boire
Album: Acoustic Clubbing
» Wednesday 14 August 2002
1) Abdelli - Achaah (Resentment)
Album: New Moon
Luka Bloom: "It was a cold October night, I think about two years ago. I was in Brussels and it was the only time in my life that I had couscous cooked by a native Algerian. The man's name was Abdelli and that was him singing."
2) U2 - Mothers Of The Disappeared
Album: The Joshua Tree
This was sent out to a great American hero, Father Daniel Berrigan. S.J., who is visiting Ireland.
3) The Blades (Paul Cleary) - Downmarket
Album: The Last Man In Europe
4) Marianne Faithfull - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Album: Strange Weather
Luka Bloom: "Later on in the 80's ... towards '89, I was living down in a little bed sitter down on Charles Street, in the West Village of New York City. It was a really great time in my life and this is one of the people I loved to listen to with the traffic outside the door, etc. and the noise of the street... this used to suit me and send me off to sleep nicely. It's a really beautiful album."
5) Lou Reed - Romeo Had Juliette
Album: New York
6) Gavin Moore - Heaven On Earth
Album: Live at De Barra's
Luka Bloom: "He was born in Kildare, he lives in Cork ... has to be good!"
7) Keith Jarrett - My Wild Irish Rose
Album: The Melody At Night, With You
Dedication to Jimmy.
Luka Bloom: "Keith Jarrett is an incredible virtuoso piano player, really amazing. But a couple of years ago he developed a debilitating illness which sapped all of his energy and he could barely play piano. And he made a whole album which he called 'the melody at night with you'. It's on the ECM lable (fantastic label). It's a really beautiful cd, full of beautiful gentle ballads and lovely pieces of music.... it just goes to show that sometimes when you are at your weakest, you get closest to the good stuff."
8) Isabel Bayrakdarian - Where Are You Mother?
Album: Joyous Light
9) Iarla O Lionáird - Caoineadh Na Dtrí Mhuire (The Crying of the three Marys)
Album: The Seven Steps to Mercy
10) The Staple Singers - Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Album: Great Day
11) Cannonball Adderley (Alto Saxophone), Miles Davis (Trumpet), Hank Jones (Piano), Sam Jones (Bass), Art Blakey (Drums) - Autumn Leaves
Album: Somethin' Else
» Thursday 15 August 2002
1) The Waterboys - This Is The Sea (live)
Album: The Live Adventures Of The Waterboys
"This is my favorite song of 1989." - Luka Bloom
2) Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Album: Come Away With Me
3) Conor Byrne - Birdman
Album: Wind Dancer
Luka Bloom: "Birdman is Conor Byrne's tribute to the late and great Frankie Kennedy."
4) Joel Rubin Jewish Music Ensemble - Baveynen di Kale (Bringing the Bride to Tears)
Album: Beregovski's Khasene (Beregovski's Wedding) - Forgotten Instrumental Treasures from the Ukraine
5) Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill - Carraroe / Out On The Ocean
Album: Live In Seattle
Luka Bloom: "As soon as I'm finished here tonight.... I'm going to lash down to the Concert Hall to hear Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill doing a gig there tonight with Karen Casey. What a great life it is!"
6) Natacha Atlas - Mon Amie La Rose
Album: Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, Volume 1
7) Jez - Forest's Echo (recorded in the Forest in Byron Bay, Australia)
Album: Time Cycles
Luka Bloom: "All my life growing up I've heard buskers singing ballads and rock and roll songs... but in recent years, partly because of technology, I've noticed a different type of street musician emerging. People who are often playing very quiet, very haunting pieces of music, but because of amplifiers they are able to be heard."

Interview with studio guest, Jez, a busker from Italy (living in Ireland) who Luka heard a couple of years ago, when she was playing in the streets in Galway. You can get her album at The House of Astrology on Parliament Street in Dublin or contact her via email:
8) Jez - Dark Lights
Album: Time Cycles
9) Marcia Griffiths - I Shall Sing
Album: Truly
Luka Bloom: "It says on the back of this cd the Marcia Griffiths is the greatest female reggae singer ever."
10) Doc & Richard Watson - If I Were A Carpenter
Album: Third Generation Blues
11) The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Album: Motowns Greatest Hits
12) US3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
Album: Hand On The Torch
» Friday 16 August 2002
1) Fairuz - Bissan
Album: Jerusalem In My Heart
2) Véronique Gens - Après Un Rêve (After a Dream)
Album: Nuit d'Étoiles
3) Alison Krauss - Dreaming My Dreams With You
Album: Forget About It
4) Louis Stewart (Guitar), Bill Charlap (Piano), Mark Hodgson (Double Bass) & Stephen Keogh (Drums) - What's New
Album: Gift

This cd was put together by Paul Ashe-Browne in The Works Sound Studios in Dublin.
If you can't find this cd in the record shops, ring Ashbrown Productions at (01) 284 9265 or e-mail
5) Didier François (Nyckelharpa), Peter Verhaegen (Contra Bass) & José Toral (Guitar) - En Azul, Dufwa
Album: Locuras de Vanelo (instrumental flamenco-album)
This is a cd from Belgium.
6) Monica Salmaso - Cara De Índio
Album: Voadeira
7) Manau - La Poupée
Album: Fest Noz De Paname
Tracks 8 - 11 are Robbie Moore's choices:
8) DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World
Album: Endtroducing...
9) Guru - Loungin'
Album: Jazzmatazz, Vol.1
10) The Doors - Riders On The Storm
Album: L.A. Woman
11) Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes
Album: Brushfire Fairytales
12) Tim O'Brien - The Apple Press / The Apple Cart
Album: Two Journeys
13) Scullion (Sonny Condell) - Eyelids Into Snow
Album: Eyelids Into Snow
14) Bob Dylan - Forever Young
Album: The Essential Bob Dylan
Dedicated to Caoimheen who is 3 years old today!
15) Bob Marley - So Much Trouble In The World
Album: One Love - The Very Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers
16) Damien Dempsey - It's All Good
Album: V/A: It's All Good, The Best Of Irish
17) Robbie Robertson - Ghost Dance
Album: Music for the Native Americans
18) Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' (acoustic)
Album: Blues
19) Nina Simone - Strange Fruit
Album: Pastel Blues
20) Tracy Chapman - Across The Lines
Album: Tracy Chapman
21) Christy Moore - The Sirens Voice
Album: Traveller
22) Luka Bloom & Sinéad O'Connor - Love Is A Place I Dream Of
Album: Between The Mountain And The Moon
23) The Saw Doctors - Chips
Album: Villains
24) Shirley Horn - Solitary Moon
Album: Jazz For Dinner
25) Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - They Can't Take That Away From Me
Album: Ella & Louis

Special thanks to Vicky Romani for her great contribution,
and Dirk Goris, Alice Farrell & Jean Garten for their help in compiling the track lists.

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