Wave Up To The Shore


Triple CD containing 50 tracks from across
the past 50 years of songs either written
or learned by Luka Bloom


01. Wave Up To The Shore
02. Thank You For Bringing Me Here
03. Lonesome Robin
04. Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
05. Love Is A Place I Dream Of
06. City Of Chicago
07. Here And Now
08. Peace On Earth
09. Miracle Cure
10. Primavera
11. I'm A Bogman
12. Out Of The Blue
13. Isabelle
14. Warrior
15. Jenny Of The Sun
16. Innocence
17. Black Is The Colour


01. Diamond Mountain
02. Cold Comfort
03. Bridge Of Sorrow
04. June
05. As I Waved Goodbye
06. There Is A Time
07. Frugalisto
08. Rescue Mission
09. She's A Mystery To Me
10. The Joy Of Living
11. I Hear You
12. Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You
13. You
14. Be Well
15. Delirious
16. Rainbow Day
17. The Man Is Alive


01. Exploring The Blue
02. Gone To Pablo
03. Head And Heart
04. One Last Cold Kiss
05. The Beauty Of Everyday Things
06. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
07. Ciara
08. Front Door Key
09. Be Still Now
10. Mountains Of Pomeroy
11. I Am Not At War With Anyone
12. Acoustic Motobike
13. You Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
14. My Old Friend The Oak Tree
15. Cello As Everest
16. True Blue
17. Bea And Chayenne Go Walking

Recorded at Luka's home in Summer 2022 by Jon O'Connell
Mixed and mastered by Brian Masterson at Soundscape Studios, Dublin
Produced by Luka Bloom & Jon O'Connell

Musician: Luka Bloom: Guitar, Vocals

Graphic Design by Myriam Riand

© 08/12/2022 BigSky Records


Back in May, I was singing at home. As I sang my song 'Wave up to the Shore', I suddenly realised that it was 50 years old; written in 1972. Then I began to think of other songs like 'Jenny of the Sun', or 'Bury my heart at Wounded Knee' from the same period.

So, there and then I decided to record 50 songs from 1972 to 2022. 'Wave up to the Shore' is the first song. The last song is 'Bea and Chayenne go walking'; an instrumental I wrote in Switzerland in August 2022.

And in between are a selection of songs and tunes from those 50 years.. Most are my own. A few are not. Some are songs I never sing live.
Some are songs I always sing live.
I love them all.
I remember writing or learning them all.

My friend Jon O'Connell came to the house in County Clare; and over a few days he recorded these solo acoustic versions of almost all these songs.

Then I went to Brian Masterson in Dublin. We recorded a few more. Then Brian mixed and mastered the songs, and here it is.

Myriam Riand and I agreed that the artwork and design for this record would be to simply name the songs. And so it is.
3 cds.
17 songs and tunes on each cd.

I will tell stories of songs in the coming weeks, and it is great to simply announce the record's completion.

WAVE UP TO THE SHORE is available NOW to pre-order from www.lukabloom.com
Digital download also available to pre-order now.
Shipping begins on December 8th.

Because it would involve at least 6 records, there will be no vinyl version of this record.

Welcome to the world, Wave up to the Shore!

Luka Bloom

CD and Download only available at www.lukabloom.com

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