Bittersweet Crimson
Bittersweet Crimson


One bright western evening
Two hearts at play
She held my hand lightly
Can we stay, can we stay?

Like a swallow in April
Who's flying alone
When her wings did find me
It was home, we were home

I remember the sunset
Songs by the shore
Soft August breeze
And the soft shirt she wore
She whispered a poem
It lives with me still
This could sustain you
And it will, so it will

I remember the evening
She waved from the road
The light slowly fading
As she goes, so it goes

Moonbeam within me
It will be forever so
For once there was a true love
I did know, I did now.

© 2020 Luka Bloom //
(IMRO/MCPS Ireland)

"I remember when Can We Stay was written.
It was a Summer’s evening in 2018
Very simply; an old love remembered.
Old as the moon itself; old as life.
A love that had it’s time; remembered in a song.
The moment this song was written, I had a good feeling; that the writing could begin.
And so it did.
And here it is.
Thank you everyone who helped. Everyone who hears.
And most of all, thank you to the songs.
Available to order on CD and Download now at"

~ Luka Bloom

© Rena Bergholz :: Luka Bloom Page