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Luka Bloom @ Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

Saturday, 17 April 2004
Luka Bloom @ Burgerweeshuis She Moved Through The Fair
First Light Of Spring
As I Waved Goodbye
Thank You For Bringing Me Here
Joined by Claudia Chambers (Cajon) & Suzi Ng (Violin)
My Singing Bird
She Sings Her Songs With Open Eyes
The Water Is Wide
Doing The Best I Can
Miracle Cure
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
Keeper Of The Flame
Make You Feel My Love
Love In A Strange Old Place

Love Is A Place I Dream Of
Don't Be Afraid Of The Light That Shines Within You
Before Sleep Comes



Claudia Chambers - Luka Bloom - Suzi Ng

© Photos Erwin Bergholz - 19 April 2004

Convincing Luka Bloom Concert with Strong Accompaniment

Luka Bloom gave a concert last Saturday at the Burgerweeshuis in Deventer to promote his new album Before Sleep Comes. John Beumer (Blue Dew) was there and wrote a review for Folkforum.

A painful and persistent tendonitis has haunted Luka Bloom throughout his career. Last year was particularly bad and he could hardly write or play. All he did was gently strum his Spanish guitar, though he was used to really lashing out on a semi-acoustic one. He told journalist Dick Laning in an interview about this: "It was hardly playing, but I began to like it. For about three months I played a few ballads in the morning in a very relaxed way. In this way my own whispering songs started. It surprised me more than anyone that I enjoyed it so much. I, who was always up on stage like an athlete, who enjoyed the power most of all. And now it appears that others enjoy this too, that there is an audience for my quiet side."

During a number of in-store concerts and his appearance at the Burgerweeshuis in Deventer Luka Bloom convinced with his new approach.

Live Review by John Beumer

Luka Bloom: "Before Sleep Comes"
Saturday 17 April 2004 - Burgerweeshuis, Deventer

Just lately Luka Bloom has had to deal with some physical complaints, tendonitis which made him exchange his typical rhythm - temporarily - for strumming guitar playing. This resulted in a new, and very special, album. Throat problems were the reason why he had to cancel his Australian tour. Instead he came to the Netherlands for a week and Dutch fans were given the opportunity to attend one Luka Bloom concert in Deventer.

It turned out to be a special performance for the large number of fans that travelled to the Burgerweeshuis on Saturday night. Luka Bloom introduced the audience to the intimacy of his new CD, Before Sleep Comes. A challenging task because the maker says the album is meant to put listeners to sleep. This exclusive presentation of the intimate album deserved a different setting to the one the Burgerweeshuis could offer: "It's a sitting concert", Luka Bloom said, which he proved by not getting off his chair until leaving the stage two hours later. A pity for the audience that the only chairs available were up on the stage. A shame it was that the air conditioning made too much noise and Luka Bloom had to insist for too long for the machine to be switched off. And Luka was right, only then did the stillness really come into its own.

Luka Bloom presented the first part with subdued, melodic guitar playing, and a sometimes almost whispering, warm voice. Songs from Before Sleep Comes were pleasantly performed: like the instrumental She Moved Through The Fair, and the ballad The Water is Wide. Unannounced, and so a big surprise, was the entrance of cajon player Claudia Chambers and Chinese/Irish violinist Suzi Ng. These two musicians initially played a small part. They audibly and visibly tried to connect with Luka's playing, but once they managed this their music became less cautious and more noticeable. A fascinating combination, which showed just what a great choice Luka had made when it came to these guest artists. Claudia managed to seduce Luka with her infectious rhythms on the cajon to playing his better known style of guitar playing, maybe even more than he wanted to allow himself because of his vulnerable wrist. The subdued moments were supported impressively by Suzi Ng's violin playing. Beautiful highlights were She Sings Her Songs With Open Eyes and a beautiful solo in My Singing Bird. Who thought that only songs from the new CD would be played was wrong. Bloom also played a few older songs, like his beautiful rendition of Keeper Of The Flame, which was really done justice in Saturday night's line up.

And as if the performance wasn't special enough Luka Bloom also treated the audience to his latest repertoire, including his latest song Love In A Strange Old Place, written only a few weeks ago about his love for the Jordaan (a popular part of Amsterdam; translator's note). Thank You For Bringing Me Here was Luka's way of expressing his gratitude for being able to play in the Netherlands again. Luka Bloom ended the encore with the title song of the CD and then wished us all "welltoeruste" (sleep well)...... It was half past one when my sleep finally came and Luka Bloom started 'She Moved Through the Fair' again, but now in a beautiful theatre of dreams....

John Beumer

Translated by Jolande Hibels


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